I’m back!

I went to the Seattle Mariners game this past week, and nearly killed my myself, twice in two weeks. In other news, I hate small children. Though, yes, I will give them a ball.

I stood in line for 2 1/2 hours for Travis Snider’s autograph, which I easily got. I also bought tickets to the Roberto Alomar induction game.

The next day, I went to the Jays game. I got there at least 45 minutes before the gates opened in the 118 F heat. Thank god the dome was closed. I got a toss up from a Mariner, and I REALLY HOPE it was Josh Leuke, because he looks like the guy who tossed it to me, and the other matches suck. It helped I was wearing my Ichiro shirt. Soon after, a homer was hit to me. I stuck my arm out, and it got me. Ouch. Then, IT BOUNCES BACK ONTO THE FIELD. OMG. I got Mark Rzepcynski’s (Zep-chin-ski) autograph(again, which was unique, cause he accidently messed up. I said hi to Eric Thames through the tunnel, got a sweet Robbie A shirt, and watched the game. Rogers Centre – no, skydome – is my home, sweet home. I am accpeting all donations as I save up for season tickets next year.  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.136632263087569.35447.100002223876175


I have been helping out at Smart Camp lately, and I’ve met some great old people, some not so great new ones, some not so great old ones, and some great new ones. The middle group is (was) more behaved.

And now to the second killing myself. You know in the movies when the guy gets hurt and then he ‘has the gift?’ Well, I was in the batting cage today, and I hit a ball that ricocheted off a pole and hit my face. Now, hold on a sec, let’s do some math. Yes, I know it’s summer, too bad. Let’s assume the ball was travelling 35 mph. once it makes contact with the bat it multiplies in speed by, say, 1.3 times. Now, that equals 45.5 mph. Now, it hits the pole. Give it another 1.5, and you get 68.25. That’s what I got hit in the face with. If I wasn’t wearing sunglasses, It would’ve hit my face directly, which would easily break something. Then, I had the presence of mind to step back in the batters box, and start hitting absolute BOMBS. #beastmode. I came out laughing my ass off.



Uh oh

Uh oh

Here we go. Yup, this is one of those posts. Anyways, I’ll start it off normal before one of those posts. Dustin McGowan. Unbelievable. What a great story, he’s pitching multiple innings, and 95’s fastball. I have a thing with him (that he doesn’t know about, obviously), that once he makes it back to the majors, I’ll get his jersey.
September is the projected date as a starter. But wait, he comes off the DL next month! And he has no options. I assume that he will stay with the bigs as a reliever while he gets fully healed. Why would they give up on such great progress?

Travis Snider; what’s up with him? I know he’s seeing a neurologist, but that’s all I know.

Casey Janssen: How’s he doing? I heard he was placed on the 15-day DL with an arm injury. Arm weakness or something? Getting over an arm injury myself.

Now, the rant.

Phillies series. So, I bought up the entire series to see Halladay and Canada Day. $350! They jack up the prices for any opponent that has a freaking winning record. It’s BS. $58 for a normal ticket, $52 for a kid! Unbelievable. Of course, these ARE the special seats. Still, that’s a freaking insane price. What, to see a pitcher MAYBE pitch? Way too expensive, just to watch baseball! I feel bad for you guys, so I’ll end this, but I could keep on going. /rant/

I walked into the Sears shop to get the tickets, and walked out with the exact tickets I wanted. Beautiful. They also started offering a box office-like service online.




I mainly use my active Blogger version of this, so this is what I have written on my active blog.

SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2011


What’s sad? That Blue Jays fans are saying what they’re saying. “Last place here we come.” Seriously? All because of one bad series. Does anybody remember sweeping the Bo Sox earlier this year? Were the Jays even supposed to compete this year? The Jays are in the top 10 in almost every catagory offensively. If we had more production from guys like Hill and Encarnacion then we would be much better, plus, we have guys like Gordie Dougie in the minors. I even read a comment along the lines of “Really AA? You suck, this team is going nowhere.” Just shut up.


You got bad, bad, luck….

Brett Lawrie has been placed on the 15-day DL just hours before being activated off the DL with a fractured hand. He will be out for 2-3 weeks, and will have to rehab in AAA-Vegas.Blue jays are winning off of Lind’s grand slam and Nix’s homer.

FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 2011

Hello, world.

Today I bring you the official start of Teach Me How To Gordie Dougie. As it stands, the Blue Jays are leading the Orioles 3-0, Bautista just hit a double in the top of the fifth, and it runners are on first and second. I hope you enjoy your time on my blog. Join me as I update you on Blue Jays games, random adventures, going to games and maybe even a bit of ballhawking. Shoutout to Zack Hample.–JD

I will make my newest entry in a seperate post. (Read: Travis Snider, Dustin McGowan, Phillies series and rant.)